Elaine Green -"Landscapes/Fleshscapes"


July 14, 2006 - August 5, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, July 14, 2006 from 5-8 pm.




“I find honesty in working with black and white.  By removing the multiple associations of color, I limit the information the viewer has to work with and focus attention on the image.  Though my drawings are made with charcoal, they have the appearance of black and white photographs—a process with its own presumption of “truth-telling.”

“The series Bound and Loosed is a collection that examines the male body and continues the themes of vulnerability and the communicative body I explored in my 2004-2005 Unhomelike drawings, many of which are included in this exhibition. Unhomelike is a literal translation of the idiomatic German expression unheimlich, which is a simultaneous feeling of strangeness and familiarity.  For the philosopher Martin Heidegger, unheimlich conveys a sense of being “not at home” in the world. Though English does not recognize the word “unhomelike,” I chose it because for me it expresses the tension between the unease of not feeling “at home” in the world and the often unconscious awareness of our universal connection to each other, of being attuned to and intertwined with our surroundings”.

“The landscape drawings are from my Rupture/Pasture series, and like the figurative work, convey the dichotomy of uncertainty and familiarity.  While walking along a country lane in the predawn hours of October, I was struck by the stark contrast between the silhouetted animals and trees against the white of the freshly mown hay field.  In that early morning light, the scene was flat, without color or dimension, yet I found it eerily mesmerizing.”     -Elaine Green