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 Shelle Lindholm, Kalispell, MT



“My paintings reflect the rugged elegance of the West and the enchanting pleasures of living here (in Montana),” Lindholm said. “I paint the spunk and spirit I see in animals as they root, romp, and rest just outside my studio door. How can I paint an animal differently? That is the treasure I seek.”



Shelle Lindholm is a painter who finds her inspiration from depicting wildlife right outside her studio door, which is nestled at the edge of the woods in the Flathead Valley.

Lindholm’s style of “primitive painting” has developed through years of exploring the versatile medium of acrylic. Shelle uses the method of “addition by subtraction” in her work. A colorful palette of acrylics is layered with wax sandwiched in between. Each layer is then scraped with a razor blade. This blends colors and builds primitive, organic textures. Lindholm says this final part of her process is when shapes and colors emerge, and her ideas and vision start to come to life.

“Scraping is unpredictable,” says Lindholm. “Paintings are rarely planned from A to Z. The unexpected marks and color variations help me form the composition and story. I use paper cutting to create puppet like patterns of animal forms. Masking, taping and etching into the layers develop the subject matter with lively, bold patterns. Finally, several coats of hand rubbed paste wax create a durable, satiny patina.”

Shelle prefers to be in a childlike state of mind when working, moving out of a place of logical thinking. “There’s no fear of failure when I’m thinking like a kid!” When asked what fascinates her, she said “Brilliant aqua blue eyes, red hair, horse legs, the color of rocks under water, the rhinoceros, freckles, clouds, babies, the Bible.”

Her work has captured the attention of many. “Shelle’s ability to capture the spirit of Montana wildlife is a unique gift, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share her work with the public,” said Montana Secretary of State McCulloch. “The colors and textures in her collection remind me of summer, and of the warmth that can be found in every season.”

The Art Spirit Gallery is proud to showcase Shelle’s work.