Helen Parsons


Helen Parsons is a Spokane, WA based fiber artist who obscures the traditional boundaries of fiber.


Her pieces embody and symbolize unity, both through methods of construction and the long established place fabric has in our daily lives. Parsons works primarily from finely stripped fabric, using decorative lines and innumerable tiny intricate stitches that bind the pieces together and unify the layers.


On March 7 2019 Helen woke up to complete blindness in her left eye and significantly impaired vision in her right eye due to a symptom of Psoriatic Arthritis. Although her severe arthritis has been managed somewhat successfully since she was diagnosed 6 years ago, at times it completely takes over at a moment’s notice and attacks a critical organ. Last time it was a heart attack. This time it’s her vision.


Helen has been involved in the art community for nearly 2 decades. Mentoring young and emerging artists, creating pop-ups, holding board positions at art associations, volunteering at art museums, teaching at local libraries, does artist talks for organizations and classrooms, created Spokane Art Calls and was a nominee for a Spokane City Arts Award last year. Her own work as a fiber artist has carved a path of inspiration for women and other visual artists to recognize textiles as fine art medium.


Her artwork is innovative but honors respected techniques and traditions imbedded in a rich history. Simply speaking, Art is her life. Here’s the good news! Her doctors believe they can restore her vision with time, treatments and multiple surgeries.


Join us as we take in these visually exciting new works by artist, and warrior, Helen Parsons.