Jerri Lisk "Grow"


Opening Reception and Chocolate Walk on Friday, February 12 from 5-8:00 p.m.

This show is sponsored by Coeur d'Alene Bike Co.  We thank them for their great community spirit and support of the arts. Check out their bikes at 314 N. 3rd St. 

On Friday, February 12, the gallery will come alive with vibrant acrylic paintings on aluminum by Idaho artist Jerri Lisk.  Lisk’s new body of work reflects the artist’s deep connection to the natural world, including the seeds, gardens, trees, and landscapes that grow around her.  “I am always inspired directly from being in nature when I’m out traveling or in my garden.  I see new things every chance I get, even being aware of beautiful tiny seeds that hold the information to grow our sustenance.”

In this exhibit, subjects such as oversized multi-colored carrots, stately aspens, and dramatic craggy ridgetops populate Lisk’s unique canvases of sanded aluminum, which illuminate the rich saturated colors. The artist’s sense of humor and zeal for life are seen through playful figurative images inspired by the rock formations in Utah.  “I merge the shapes with familiar characters and depict everyday situations of our existence, especially those that I find intriguing or just fun.”  Compositions include rounded human-like figures adorned in striped and polka dot attire as they bicycle, practice yoga, and recreate at the water’s edge. 


About the Artist 

Lisk began her career as an oil painter, studying under Frank Holda.  She continued her training in London at the Leonard Pardon School of Specialty Design, where she perfected her techniques in texture, material, surface, and hue.  She has been featured in The Idaho Statesman, Southwest Art, and Good Housekeeping.  Lisk has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Idaho, Washington, and Arizona. She and her husband Mark, an accomplished photographer, have made their home overlooking the river outside of Boise.

When discussing her accomplishments as an artist, Lisk shares, “I love my art experiences both in galleries and in the studio.  These are the vehicles that allow me to keep traveling and explore new landscapes.  My greatest accomplishment is the ability to do just that.”

The Art Spirit Gallery has been proud to represent Jerri Lisk since 2009.