Jerri Lisk & Mark Lisk


February 14, 2014 - March 8, 2014

-Join us from 5-8 pm on Friday, February 14th at the Opening Reception for Boise residents Jerri & Mark Lisk. Meet the artists and see their new works, acrylic paintings on aluminum and photography. Enjoy a lively evening of fine art, fine dining and good friends in downtown Coeur d’Alene. Everyone is welcome!

-The artists will give an informal talk/demonstration on Saturday, February 15, starting at 1:00.

- WINTER HOURS: Open Tuesday – Saturday 11am- 6pm


At The Art Spirit Gallery in February, the shapes and vibrant colors of the natural world brush away winter’s chill. Working together in the Southern Idaho wilderness, Mark and Jerri Lisk are often inspired by similar subject matter. A shared celebration of form and composition is expressed in each artist’s respective medium and visual language.  This exhibition presents the viewer with two artistic translations of outdoor experience.

Mark Lisk is a native of Idaho, where he has made photographs since the 1980’s. February’s exhibition is The Art Spirit Gallery’s first presentation of his work. He was trained as a photographer at the Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts in California, but since that time has dedicated his hand and lens to the Inland Northwest wilderness and beyond.  His work has been shown in galleries in the Western U.S and has also been featured by publications including the Smithsonian and National Geographic magazines. Collections of his images, contained in 4 published books, will be available for viewing at the gallery. Mark’s black and white photographs in this exhibition reveal his reverence for the land.

Jerri Lisk has been represented by The Art Spirit Gallery since 2012; February’s exhibition will be her third as a featured artist. Her paintings, made with acrylic on aluminum panels, present a gently abstracted view of the natural world. Driven more by color and form than by cerebral concepts, Jerri’s pieces begin as line drawings made in the wilds of the West. These visual notes travel with her back to the studio, where they inform her paintings.  Jerri uses the brush not only to describe the solidity of individual elements of her compositions but also to explore the interplay of vibrant hues and contrasting values. 

February’s featured artists are connected not only by marriage, but also by business partnership and by a love of the landscape. With this dual show, The Art Spirit Gallery offers the viewer a powerful antidote to winter grays.