Mark Hewitt


hew 0009 half gallon pitcher 2

British born, Pittsboro-based potter, Mark Hewitt, shapes the traditions of North Carolina & South Carolina into a compelling contemporary style. He makes beautiful, big pots and delightful, smaller pots using local clays and firing them in a large, wood-burning kiln. Mark’s father and grandfather were Directors of Spode China in England.

He studied Geography at Bristol University, and apprenticed with Michael Cardew in Cornwall, England, and Todd Piker in CT, before moving to NC in 1983 with his wife, Carol. His work is in many museum collections, including the Smithsonian, the High Museum in Atlanta, and the Weisman Museum in Minneapolis.

 In 2006 he co-curated the exhibition, “The Potter’s Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina,” at the North Carolina Museum of Art. UNC Press published a book cataloguing the exhibition. He has received numerous awards including a 2015 United States Artist Fellowship, and is recent past President of the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove