James Bason


BAS 0019 JBason Colder Still

"My painting is an attempt to go beyond words to connect with, resonate with, and communicate with others at a level of remembrance of which we have all come from. In my work, I strive to move the viewer and engage them in a quiet conversation not solely based on what my painting depicts or its locale, but by what feeling or mood this image is evoking in them. By utilizing color, line, texture and tone I am striving to move beyond a place in time."

James Bason paints what he grew up with - not the majestic mountain peaks so common and popular in western art but often the vast open prairie, the windy vista or simply the space in between things - a clump of grass, some willows, the clouds of Montana’s big sky.

He is a native Montanan best known for his serene and soft edged landscape paintings of central Montana. He received a Bachelors in Art Degree with Honors from Montana State University at Bozeman in 1996 with concentrations in both graphic design and painting.

He has exhibited for numerous years at the annual C. M. Russell Art Auction, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art Auction, Western Masters Art Show, The Jay Contway and Friends Art Show and the Yellowstone Art Museum Auction as well as various art shows and auctions throughout the state.